Lesbian Love & Life: Do you really know what kind of woman

How many times have you or one of your friends complained that they haven't found the right woman or can't find the right woman? This is a frustrating point at which many of us will eventually find ourselves, but while some of us will continue to date the same type of woman over and over, others will actually stop, realizing that the reason they can't find who they want is because they haven't defined her. I mean, literally write down what qualities that are desired and which one are deal-breakers, unacceptable. A sample list of desired qualities could be any of the following:

-A woman who has good credit and knows what a FICO score is -A woman who knows which fork is the salad fork vs. the dinner fork

-A woman who is completely uninhibited in the bedroom

-A woman who understands that you and your child are a package deal

-A woman who is not into too much hair and makeup

-A woman who understands that lesbian love doesn't need to mimic that of traditional heterosexual roles


Likewise, a sample list of what is unacceptable could be any or none of the following:


-A woman who is emotionally or physically abusive

-A woman who chronically spends more than she earns

-A woman who does not believe in shaving

-A woman who is not comfortable unless she is in control and makes all of the decisions -A woman who has a child under the age of two

-A woman who has gold, platinum or otherwise decorated teeth

Lists are not the be all, end all in finding a suitable mate but they certainly are important and helpful. If you stick to your list, you could very well save yourself a lot of time and energy. If you make a list and decide to go against it for someone, there is a great chance that the one thing that bothers you about them is something you made a note about on your list (either they have it and you hate it or they don’t and you need it). You don’t want to be kicking yourself after spending six months or more with that person hoping they would magically change to fit your needs. If you know exactly what type of woman you want, what you will and will not tolerate, you will be able to cut down the time it takes to find her. But of course, you can’t really know who is best for you until you know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. Perhaps the first list should be to define the type of woman you want to be. What do you think? *If you like this entry, please share it.* Follow me on Twitter @Cherilnc

Losing Control Book Trailer

Book trailer for my fifth novel, Losing Control

G-Town Radio interviews Cheril N. Clarke

Download the audio interview here.

Clarke’s ‘Losing Control’ Examines Lesbian Love and Dirty Politics

The following review is from Genia Stevens of www.SistersTalk.net. Author Cheril N. Clarke examines love, self-loathing and dirty politics in her novel Losing Control. Toss in a closeted lesbian, a closeted gay man, a confused married woman, an angry husband and an ambitious backstabbing campaign volunteer and you’ll be glued to the pages of Losing Control for hours and hours. Clarke does an excellent job of examining the coming out process: from denial and self-loathing to the moment every gay person finally experiences full acceptance of who s/he really is. Every emotion her characters feel, you feel: angst, intense sexual arousal, anger, frustration and joy. Losing Control is a touching, dramatic and tumultuous lesbian love story. Readers will want to skip ahead to learn the outcome of Brianna and Pamela’s relationship because the sexual tension will drive any warm-blooded person insane. The last page of this novel will leave readers asking, “What? Is that it?” and anxiously waiting for a sequel.

Black Gay Gossip reviews Losing Control

From the opening paragraph of Cheril N. Clarke's new novel “Losing Control,” it's clear that something is amiss when Brianna Anderson is racked with guilt and shame lying beside the handsome and intelligent man in her bed. Brianna, a closeted lesbian and candidate in a close race for city councilwoman, is externally and internally in the fight of her life. It has been said that the hallmark of a gifted novelist is the ability to take the scandals of everyday life and make them humorous, thought-provoking and an opportunity for introspection. By that standard and several others, author Cheril N. Clarke is just hitting her stride. Clarke’s fluid voice guides the reader through the near destruction of Brianna’s campaign and her determination to bring help to the streets of Rockville, NJ. Brianna’s opponent is Colleen Smith, an older politician who has held a seat on the city council for many years. Seriously challenged for the first time, Smith is not about to lose without a fight, and to her, the dirtier the better. Brianna creates plenty of dirt when she dumps her pseudo boyfriend Frank, irks a young volunteer in her campaign office, and falls in lust with Pamela Thompson, the City Treasurer. Clarke does a wonderful job of creating characters who reach down deep to examine their feelings. My only real qualm with this tawdry tale is the fact that the two lesbians in the novel don’t consummate their relationship until the last pages of the novel. I mean let’s just be real about it. If I am going to spend two nights reading a book about lesbian drama, to get the full effect, I would like to immerse myself in a juicy sex scene – preferably by page 3. In Cheril’s defense, when the lesbians finally saw some action, it was worth the wait. But will they live happily ever after? Well, you’ll have to dive in to this tale to see for yourself. All in all, very entertaining and engaging. Kudos on another fabulous novel Cheril!

Tainted Destiny Book Trailer

Book trailer for my fourth novel, Tainted Destiny.

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