Newly published scenes from Asylum!

Happy Friday!

I’ve uploaded scenes from my award-winning show, Asylum, that have never been seen before on the web. If you weren’t in the audience that night in NYC you have NOT seen these scenes!

This video contains one of the most dramatic moments of the play–when Prossy (Tiffany Barrett) and her girlfriend (Brennie Tellu) are caught in an intimate moment by Prossy’s father (Steve Crum) and fiance’ (Michael Way).

It also includes the rest of the prison scene that was clipped in an earlier video (Melanie Mathews and Eyakeno Ekpo). Bare bones set with an fantastic cast from Philly!

Newly published scenes from Asylum

Human Rights Play, “ASYLUM” wins Audience Award at Downtown Urban Theater Festival 2012!

I could not be more proud of my cast and crew for all of the hard work they put in to bring home this Award! Based on the true story of Prossy Kakooza, ASYLUM, is an original work of mine that made its premier at the 10th Anniversary Downtown Urban Theater Festival in New York City! More information about the show including a photo and video gallery can be found on the official website: Asylum the play.

Here’s a sneak peak from one of the riveting scenes lead by Tiffany Barrett:





Audio, video and final thoughts on Intimate Chaos and the Philly Urban Theatre Festival!

Well, Intimate Chaos the play enjoyed another successful run as a featured production of the inaugural Philly Urban Theatre Festival. Closing night was slightly bittersweet for me as I'd already decided to put live theatre on a hiatus so that I could devote more time and energy to new projects including film and literature. I have to say, however, that we couldn't have had a more energetic closing! I was very happy with the work of my cast (pictured below), so much so that I've decided to share some footage that I'd originally taken just for myself. I feel that the closing show on Saturday, October 2, 2010 may have been the best since it's inception in 2007.


In addition to enjoying the work of the cast and crew, I'm also grateful for the press attention that was garnered through the festival producer (and my show director), Kash Goins. In prior blogs, I posted copies of news articles and press features of Intimate Chaos, and in this one I will not only embed video footage from the show, but also a link to a radio interview that I did along with fellow playwright Heather Thomas with West Philly's Rhone Fraser on WPEB, 88.1FM.


As mentioned above, the following video footage is not professional, it was recorded by me from the tech booth for the sole purpose of studying and looking for areas of improvement, however, I've decided to share a few clips from Act II and just a few reactions from patrons after show. Getting the comments was an on the whim decision, that captured some wonderful thoughts from people who attended and I'm really happy to know that everyone enjoyed the production. Thanks to everyone who came out and help make it a success! The audience was tremendously diverse across the board from age, to gender to race, and orientation, which is a wonderful thing. To our patrons, you are greatly appreciated!


Intimate Chaos was written and produced by me, Cheril N. Clarke. This production (as well as the Plainfield, NJ production from May 2010), was directed by Kash Goins. The current cast is as follows:

Tiffany Barrett – Sadira

Lee MeKhai – Jessie

Walter DeShields – Devonte'

Nicole L. Tucker – Kenya

Daira Guerra – Stacey


Please do you leave your thoughts and comments, especially if you were at one of the shows!!!


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