She came into my life as innocently as a love note
Found on a shore at dawn
A time and space unto herself
She was unexpected, but welcomed
Layered and intriguing
Wrapped in pure freedom
In a world where most freeze and
Are unsure
She breezes through

Her touch is divine
Making me uneasy yet relaxed at the same time
Being on the edge of freefalling into bliss
But unable to let go
Restraint overpowers my eagerness
And my desire crawls inward
Where it’s safe…

She’s danger.

Or love
In its purest form
I don’t know
She’s unknown.
The very quintessence of a fantasy
A sex goddess…
Who is phenomenal at her job

So I hold back.

But I want to hold her gaze
While receiving
Lock into it. Unblinking. Unflinching.
To investigate the depths of her
Beyond the shore
Into the waves
Wide and narrow
Deep in the barrel
Where our energy connection
Conjures and whirls
A pool at my womb
That calls her name
And pulls her in
Pulls her in
Pulls her in…
And holds on tightly
While I ride waves in her timeless lair

I want to
Skim my fingertips against her jawline
Let my lips trawl and enjoy all contact
Of her skin
On my skin
From the palms of her hands
To her collar bones (slower)
To her lip line
To her spine
To her waistline
And the tip of her nose
To the blue polish on her toes
All over
And over
With no end
I want to enrapture her soul
Kiss, lick, bite and hold
Onto the brief moments I have with her
But they’re fleeting
Never coming fast enough
And always ending too soon.

She’s a riptide.

Glassy, calm and serene on the surface
But with so
I know.

She makes my pulse quicken
My breath stop
My tongue parched
My body shiver
And tremble
Trying to handle
My inability to let go
And freefall into bliss
I’m caught inside myself
When I lay back
With my back arched
And my toes curled
And her strokes furl
And glide all over me I wonder…
What in the entire Fuck?

I’m under spell…
With no distractions
The bliss is a risk
This woman is ecstasy
In spiritual form
A human body
Overtaken by a deity
And I want to devour her

Flip the scene
Turn the table
Clear the floor
Induce spontaneity
Imbue my own brew
Of magik
But I hold back
She’s at work
And I am work
And my time is almost up
Time to slide off the crest
Put my feet on the sand
Amble back to the shore
And get back to reality

She’s a riptide.

But I keep going back.