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Dive deep into the ocean of love and sensuality
Swim through its currents
Experience the black waters
Its inertia
The blue waters
Beckoning and calling despite its danger
Backstroke through the crystals and yellow seas
See the beauty
Feel the magic
And experience the power and humility of trying to find peace
In its infinity
Wade through the magnetic force and atmospheric pressure
Of being trapped in an aquatic universe
Searching for air
With clouds taunting and passing above
Will you conquer or be conquered by love’s expansiveness?

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An LP for Us

Like the crackle of a needle hitting the a 45"
Our moments together feel
Even though
They’re happening in the present
Something about you feels familiar
Yet new
It’s pleasant and exhilarating
In the moment…

I feel a slight static
When your skin touches mine
My body feels more alive than it’s been in years
Your touch is sustenance
For a quieted part of starving soul
A part of me that had been tucked away
Trained to behave
Made to be more

But the way your fingertips move so curiously, and eagerly
Traversing my thighs
A flow begins between my legs
Blood rushes to my head
My heartbeat bangs in my chest
That bass
My breathing speeds up
Our own tempo
I remember what being craved feels like when
I hear you sigh so heavily
Wanting me
And I want you more
Because of how visibly you desire me
Being with you is rest for the weary
Daylight after dreary

But our days are always short
Hours always feel like minutes
You’ve got to go
I’ve got to go
We have to become the past
We already are
Despite crossing paths again
In this life
This is a blip
A crossover that happened

As a rare gift from the universe
But it’s not ours to hold onto
We’re not meant for forever…

Best that way probably
Even though it hurts
I cling to our memories the way you clung to me
When you made a temporary home inside me
I clutch the reveries that come to me at their own will
The way you gripped my shoulders
And whispered in my ear
Remember me…remember me…I want you to remember me
A song for when you’re a long way from
That temporary home
In case you never return
Let our time together live on
In the black waters of our minds
The parts where no one else is allowed
Under the surface
Where they’re protected
It was so beautiful to play with you

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At Ease

Lose control and step out of the trenches
Abandon your responsibilities
And give in to your darkest needs
Your desires don’t have to make sense
The fact that you want what you want this is all that matters.

Stand at ease, Soldier.

Relax and explore
The depths and shores of me
Traverse and conquer
Or be conquered, if that’s what you crave.

Walk the edge with bare feet
Absorb and devour
Drift in and dissipate
Wade into my waters
I dare you
Make ripples
Make waves
Submerge until you need gills to breathe.

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Her smile washed over me
Like a million pieces of gold confetti
In slow motion
At daybreak
In an open field
She shimmered
And glowed with possibilities.

She was rhythm
A beautiful progression
Like the gentle tremble of a brush caressing a cymbal
But not the blues, no.

She was a subtle divinity
Her hue a supple oasis
Her voice, a sweet dark tea on a summer’s day
Brewed in the depths of her orchard soul
To quench the thirst of only those who are worthy to quaff it all.

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Losing Control

Young, ambitious and energetic, Brianna Anderson is new to the political scene in crime-infested Rockville, NJ. With an equally talented group of people surrounding her, she embarks on her first campaign - to win a seat on the City Council. Brianna is determined to claim victory over her more experienced and well - connected opponent, Colleen Smith. But Brianna has secrets, and when someone close to her discovers them, loyalty turns into double - dealing and deceit.

Tainted Destiny

Back in the welcoming arms of New York City after a tumultuous relationship, Sadira Cooper is ready to breathe again.It isn't long before she finds herself entering the dating scene. As she struggles to understand the meaning of true love, Sadira has to confront a past that she 'd fought very hard to forget...

Intimate Chaos

Sadira, desperately searching for love and intimacy, finds Jessie, who displays a desire to be loved but runs when it is given to her. Intimate Chaos takes you on a journey from bliss to turmoil and back again with its dramatic twists and turns...


The Edge of Bliss

Despite climbing the corporate ladder and earning all the material trappings of success, there’s still one thing that forty-one-year-old Leela still desperately craves. But when her husband agrees to gift her the ultimate erotic thrill, she discovers a dark side of desire that thrusts her into an unexpected world of danger, rage and gut-wrenching uncertainty.

The Beautiful People: New Orleans

In The Beautiful People: New Orleans, the first short story in a new series, Cheril N. Clarke introduces us to four intriguing characters who will propel the reader into a provocative world filled with sophisticated naughtiness. Nontraditional in its presentation, The Beautiful People follows a close group of friends who love to travel, meeting up in a different city every other month for a weekend of exploration, partying, and a much-needed break from the daily grind of their careers. From the city of New Orleans, this installment acquaints us with a high-end tailor with a disdain for the common man, a fashion photographer riding a narcotic seesaw, an accountant with a penchant for flirting and flings, and an haute entrepreneur who is struggling with secret desires of her own. The Beautiful People subtly pushes moral boundaries and challenges preconceived notions of perfection.

The Beautiful People: Las Vegas

The Beautiful People: Las Vegas returns readers to the lives of four friends whose magnetic personalities and gorgeous good looks rivet our attention. Vanessa, an entrepreneurial executive, reveals shadowed parts of her past and displays talents long ago abandoned; Yen Chu, desperately trying to navigate the waters of self-imposed sobriety, yearns to be disciplined, but doesn't let that prevent her from arranging erotic adventures for her group; party boy Colin, on a quest to have the time of his life, ensures that everyone he meets will have the times of their lives as well; and Donovan, sometimes haughty, and always more conservative than the rest, allows himself to loosen up, and succumb to Sin City’s extravagant indulgences.

The Beautiful People: New York City

Back for the third time and chock full of luxury, beauty, erotica and wit, Cheril N. Clarke’s The Beautiful People: New York City is a sizzling follow-up to the sinful activities that happened in Las Vegas. The four original characters return for a quintessential two nights in the city that never sleeps and take us on a joyride of fashion shows, swanky mansions, risqué house parties and more. When suppressed desires pull at two core members of the group, they must decide if they will resist the temptation to avoid collective chaos or throw caution to the wind and satisfy their wicked own cravings. The Beautiful People: New York City is a masterpiece of Clarke’s intelligence and imagination.

The Beautiful People: South Beach

Skinny dipping, reckless flirting, fetish-parties and mind-blowing erotica are all abound in Cheril N. Clarke's fourth installment of the popular Beautiful People series. In this edition we meet the four core friends - the sexy financial consultant, Vanessa; the party boy accountant, Colin; the cute fashion photographer, Yen; and the debonair designer, Donovan heading to South Beach for some well-earned R&R, and no small amount of fun and frolic. They are joined by a fifth friend, Suraj, a Bollywood star all the way from India but not everything goes as expected, as the South Beach law enforcement makes its presence felt.


Overflowing with eroticism, this tale finds Kenya (aka Anita) taking a break from swindling and heartbreaking, and indulging, for the first time, in an evening of passion ignited by Ecstasy – the narcotic. After Cruising with Angela and Swinging with Deb in Illusions of Love, Kenya is back to experience one the most blissfully erotic days of her life with Deb. Join them as they delve in the forbidden pleasures of Ecstasy and levitate to the highest heights of sexual passion.

Illusions of Love: Two Erotic Vignettes Featuring Kenya

Imagine being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Imagine living by your own rules, never feeling guilty and never apologizing for what you do. Imagine being so charming and smooth you effortlessly move in and out of your lovers' lives and bank accounts, giving them the illusion of love and stability. Can you imagine, being cunning and charismatic yet cold and calculating?



Based on a true story of a young lesbian who fled Uganda to escape death at the hands of her own family, Asylum is a dramatic recount of one woman's journey through tender moments of exploration and self-definition to a horrific series of consequential events; a vivid display of extraordinary courage and an unyielding will to live.

Intimate Chaos

Written by author/playwright, Cheril N. Clarke, Intimate Chaos is a story that has grown from a sexy, high-energy novel of love and betrayal into a full scale theatrical production. In its rebirth as a stage play, Intimate Chaos has been reincarnated as an urban dramedy that has been produced in Plainfield, NJ, Bordentown, NJ, twice in Philadelphia, PA and most recently translated to Spanish for a production in Puerto Rico (July 2011)!