• Synopsis:

    Sadira, desperately searching for love and intimacy, finds Jessie, who displays a desire to be loved but runs when it is given to her. Intimate Chaos takes you on a journey from bliss to turmoil and back again with its dramatic twists and turns. Will Sadira and Jessie be able to stand firm in the midst of an emotional whirlwind? Is their love strong enough to overcome the many obstacles thrown in their path? A serious accident turns Jessie into Sadira's caretaker--but still, Jessie has a roving eye, regardless of the consequences. And Sadira's not so innocent herself.

    These two women struggle to learn lessons from past mistakes and apply them to future attempts at making things right. Waves of sabotage and temptation crash against their already unstable foundation. Can they weather the storm when love becomes chaotic?

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