Sweet Dark Rum – A New Short Story!

One thing this pandemic did for me was help me refocus on my creative writing! Earlier this month, I released a new, erotic short story, Sweet Dark Rum!

Sweet Dark Rum cover art
Cover art for Sweet Dark Rum by Cheril N. Clarke

SYNOPSIS: Erica Reed is overworked and underwhelmed with life. Despite having a thriving corporate career, she is in desperate need of a break from it all. When she goes on a spur of the moment trip to Colorado Springs, she meets Zara—a woman she’d befriended online—and Erica’s boring life takes an erogenous turn that she’ll never forget!

This was a really fun story to write! It is a fast and sexy read that’s perfect to spice up an evening. Check out what others have said:

This title now also available on Smashwords.com!

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