Lesbian Wedding Pictures

Isn’t it funny how you find things when you’re not looking for them but when you were looking for them they were nowhere to found!? Well, that’s the deal with these pictures. I was looking high and low for them just a few months ago and couldn’t find them. Yesterday while going through old files I stumbled upon the disc! Even though there are many pictures from my wedding floating around the net (YouTube Vids), these represent the digital version of our actual wedding album.

ALL photos by Joel Greenberg and Wendy Stewart photography. The venue is Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York. Hair by Visions Hair Salon of Mt. Laurel, NJ and make-up by Ginger Jones.

Click images twice to view full size. (thumbnail below and on attachment page)

  1. Cheril, how wonderful to find your blog and discovery the lesbian wedding in Durban.SA.
    I have been following lesbian events globally on my site stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com, and while I celebrate that fact that S.A has legalized same-sex marriage, I am appalled at the number of murdered lesbians through “corrective rape.”

    Violence and hatred are unfortunately part of the world’s inheritance, but we can do our part in bringing such stories as this to honour our lesbian sisters.
    We are proud. We are everywhere.

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