Brand new installment to The Beautiful People series!

New work released today, The Beautiful People: South Beach!

I know it’s been a while but I’m bringing these characters back! The fourth installment to the sexy series was released for e-readers today for only $0.99!


The Beautiful People: South Beach

Book description:

Skinny dipping, reckless flirting, fetish-parties and mind-blowing erotica are all abound in Cheril N. Clarke’s fourth installment of the popular Beautiful People series. In this edition we meet the four core friends – the sexy financial consultant, Vanessa; the party boy accountant, Colin; the cute fashion photographer, Yen; and the debonair designer, Donovan – heading to South Beach for some well-earned R&R, and no small amount of fun and frolic. They are joined by a fifth friend, Suraj, a Bollywood star all the way from India but not everything goes as expected, as the South Beach law enforcement makes its presence felt. 

The sexual tension between Yen and Vanessa continue to surface in flagrant violation of Colin’s “no sex between friends” rule and ladies man Suraj finds himself in a shocking position. Treat yourself to loads of glamour, glitz, fashion, attitude, sexiness, and get charmed by The Beautiful People having the time of their lives without a care in the world. This story will give you more than a few hearty laughs at their Beautiful People “problems!”


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