Asylum recently featured by Philadelphia Gay News!

Quick blog entry to cross-post a great interview that was recently published by the Philadelphia Gay News for my human rights playAsylum. Take a look at the preview below and click-through to read the whole thing.

If you’re in the Philadelphia region, please come out to see this thought-provoking show!

‘Asylum’ playwright wants art to inspire action

by Henrik Eger, Ph.D

Leah Prossy Cheril

Cheril N. Clarke is a prolific and innovative writer whose repertoire includes novels, erotic vignettes, books for children of LGBT families and the thought-provoking play “Intimate Chaos,” based on her novel of the same name — “an emotional whirlwind [where] two women struggle to learn lessons from past mistakes and apply them to future attempts at making things right.” Clarke’s second play, “Asylum,” featuring the attempted honor killing of a young lesbian from Uganda by her father, world-premiered in New York with great success, winning the Audience Award of the 2012 Downtown Urban Theater Festival. “Asylum,” now directed by Kash Goins with Philadelphia actors, will premier at The Stagecrafters Theater in Chestnut Hill July 24-26.

PGN: Quite a few of your earlier novels and stories deal with sexy characters and scenes. What made you stop writing erotic works?

CC: It’s important for me to stimulate myself with different genres every few years. That is not to say I wouldn’t revisit a particular genre after I’ve taken a departure — I might. My works move in tandem with the ebb and flow of my life and, at this time, there are many other things inspiring the stories I want to tell.

PGN: You married the love of your life. What’s the secret of your successful marriage?

CC: Yes, I’m grateful every day to know that I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. Monica and I have been together for over a decade now and my love for her rivals my need for breathing. She has helped me grow into the woman I’ve become and continues to inspire me, every day, to be my greatest self. The secret to our marriage is compatibility, respect, honest communication on a daily basis. It’s the fact that we were engaged for about a year-and-a-half before getting married, and during that time we got to know each other thoroughly and made sure that we were willing to do whatever it required for us to have a healthy, lasting and loving relationship. We set goals with timelines and achieved all of them on time if not early. We understand and respect what’s important to each other and on the rare occasions where our desires don’t align, we talk until we solve the dilemma and find solutions. We leave no room for guessing at what each other wants. This is all by design and intention. Our marriage today is standing on the foundation we started building almost 12 years ago.

PGN: You and Monica, your wife, have co-authored books, too.

CC: She and I have co-authored books, but more than that… Click Here to continue reading.

*More about my meeting with Prossy and Leah can be found here: Meeting Our African Sisters (and brother!) in Manchester, UK.

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