Chatting with lesbian poet, Renair Amin

This month it is a pleasure to post this blog featuring lesbian poet, Renair Amin, who is preparing for the release of her first book: a collection of deeply personal poetry entitled Mental Silhouette!

You have been performing on stage for quite some time, how does it feel to now have a book of your poetry being published?

Honestly, I am excited and nervous. Writing, for me, is like giving birth. Although the outcome can be beautiful, the actual “push” can be very painful. This work spans over fifteen years, if not more. I found myself becoming nervous at the thought of finally allowing my “child” into the world where it could be judged, discussed and bound within the spine of time. This was an opportunity that I could not let pass me by or take for granted.

Can you describe Mental Silhouette for me in your own words?

Mental Silhouette is a look into my mind during some of my darkest hours in ink while in the midst of love, anger, sadness, and prayer. I used to afraid of the “dark hours,” but I learned that is when my mind moves the most. When I was able to replenish, renew and just be. For me there is a great difference between the darkest hour in the ink and in life – the resting of the mind. In my darkest hour in life, my mind will eventually sleep and I will dream. In my darkest hours of ink, my mind will nudge me until I write it out causing mental insomnia.

How long in the making was this collection of poetry?

The oldest poem in this book that I can date was birthed in the mid-nineties after the tragic unsolved murder of my biological mother, grandmother, sister and brother. So it goes back at minimum almost 19 years. However, I know a few were just as old but revised.

What is your hope for this, your first published collection of work?

My biggest prayer is that my words will be something readers identify with. At best, I will be the voice for someone who has been quieted and they will know they are not alone. At worst, I will have given a glimpse into the thoughts of Renair Amin. Either way, I am good with it.

What’s up next for you?

Besides writing for a couple of magazines and working on personal writing projects, I am looking forward to introducing the world to this creative journey of Renair Amin. I have been known for other works, now it is time to take the world with me as I transition and grow. I am also presently a Minister-in-Training and will be licensed in October of 2011. My life has truly been an ever evolving one.

Mental Silhouette is being published by Dodi Press and will be available for ereaders and in paperback on April 1, 2011.