• The Edge of Bliss (2017)

    Despite climbing the corporate ladder and earning all the material trappings of success, there’s still one thing that forty-one-year-old Leela still desperately craves. But when her husband agrees to gift her the ultimate erotic thrill, she discovers a dark side of desire that thrusts her into an unexpected world of danger, rage and gut-wrenching uncertainty. Click here to read more
  • Love & Marriage (Non-fiction [2010])

    Love and Marriage: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Dating and Romance includes over 200 useful ideas, tips and suggestions that will stimulate your creativity and encourage you to explore new ways to have fun in your relationship. You can read this book straight through and check off ideas that you like best and/or review random pages and selecting an idea... Click here to read more
  • Losing Control (2009)

    Young, ambitious and energetic, Brianna Anderson is new to the political scene in crime-infested Rockville, NJ. With an equally talented group of people surrounding her, she embarks on her first campaign - to win a seat on the City Council. Brianna is determined to claim victory over her more experienced and well-connected opponent, Colleen Smith. But Brianna has secrets, and when someone close to her discovers them, loyalty turns into double-dealing and deceit. Click here to read more
  • Tainted Destiny (2006)

    Back in the welcoming arms of New York City after a tumultuous relationship, Sadira Cooper is ready to breathe again. It isn't long before she finds herself entering the dating scene. As she struggles to understand the meaning of true love, Sadira has to confront a past that she'd fought very hard to forget... Click here to read more
  • Intimate Chaos (2005)

    Sadira, desperately searching for love and intimacy, finds Jessie, who displays a desire to be loved but runs when it is given to her. Intimate Chaos takes you on a journey from bliss to turmoil and back again with its dramatic twists and turns... Click here to read more